[Mailman-Users] Having Problems with Different Port

Seth Lake caver at verizon.net
Tue Dec 9 03:46:15 CET 2003

other non-80 port related issues...

made a group 'Test' locally (via 'www.on-rope.net:8080') and it shows up in
the external listinfo and the internal listinfo, but the other pre-existing
lists still don't show up locally.

externally if you go to a list info page (1 page in from the entry page) the
bottom link 'Overview of all on-rope.net mailing lists' still manages to
drop the port.

perhaps there should be a...

i've put alot of time getting postfix / mailman up and running, it'll be a
shame to have to scrap it all for qmail / ezmlm.

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Here's my situation...

my DSL ISP (verizon) blocks port 80.  I registered a domain and found a
dynamic DNS service that will forward requests.  i forward 'www.on-rope.net'
to 'on-rope.net:8080'.  at my firewall i forward all port 8080 traffic to
port 80 on the www server.  so far not bad, but now i try to get mailman

just setting...
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'on-rope.net'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'www.on-rope.net'
...doesn't work because when your browser hits
'http://on-rope.net:8080/mailman/listinfo' mailman says 'no lists on
on-rope.net:8080'. okay, so try and set...
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'on-rope.net'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'on-rope.net:8080'
...doesn't work right.  on the main index page there's a main email address,
'mailman at on-rope.net'.  but instead of that, what it should be, it says
'mailman at on-rope.net:8080' and i can't figure out where this is set or how
to change it.

another problem i have is when a user clicks on the archive link the link
tries to send the user to 'http://www.on-rope.net/mailman/private/<list>/'.
interestingly, this does not happen on empty archives, only after a message
has gone though the list.   i fixed / hacked this problem by putting this in
my config file...
PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL = 'http://on-rope.net:8080/pipermail/%(listname)s'
...which seemed to work.

so okay, now i seem to have pretty much everything working okay except for
the mailman email address on the main page.  no big deal, i guess i can live
with that.  i'm doing all this at work so i can make sure it works from
outside the firewall and ISP's blocked ports and all that.  and, at the end
of the day, i go home.

hmm, more problems.  i can access any of my web stuff at home.  when i go to
my web server ('http://www.on-rope.net/mailman/listinfo' from home, no need
for port forwarding) there are no lists.  i edit my apache config and add
'Listen *:8080' and then try 'www.on-rope.net:8080' but mailman still says
no lists.  this may be because of the 'www' but without the hostname my
brwser just spins it's wheels at home, doesn't know where to get the page
from.  i notice that there's no port in the page heading when i'm at home,
at work the main heading is 'on-rope.net:8080 Mailing Lists' but when i'm at
home the heading is 'www.on-rope.net Mailing Lists' no matter what port i
put in.

so how can i access the same lists from home and abroad?  i don't need/want
to host more than a few lists and i have a feeling that the virtual host
system is what's messing with me.  is there a way to turn it off?  i tried
add_virtualhost('www.on-rope.net', DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST)
...to no avail.  any help is greatly appreciated.
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