[Mailman-Users] Stripped Subject

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Thu Dec 11 09:09:13 CET 2003

10-Dec-03 at 11:58, Paulo R Kappke (paulokappke at cyclades.com) wrote :
> Something very weird is happening with my Mailman. When someone sends an 
> e-mail to a mailing list and put a long subject, 60 or 70 characters, 
> the e-mail is being received with the prefix ("[list-name]") only.
> Looks like Mailman is stripping the subject.
> I am running Mailman version 2.1.1 in a RedHat 9 box.

Is it stripping the subject completely, or is it adding a completely
legal linebreak? Have you checked the raw message headers?

RFC 822:

 "Each header field can be viewed as a single, logical  line  of
 ASCII  characters,  comprising  a field-name and a field-body.
 For convenience, the field-body  portion  of  this  conceptual
 entity  can be split into a multiple-line representation; this
 is called "folding".  The general rule is that wherever  there
 may  be  linear-white-space  (NOT  simply  LWSP-chars), a CRLF
 immediately followed by AT LEAST one LWSP-char may instead  be

RFC 2822:

 "Each header field is logically a single line of characters comprising
 the field name, the colon, and the field body.  For convenience
 however, and to deal with the 998/78 character limitations per line*,
 the field body portion of a header field can be split into a multiple
 line representation; this is called "folding".  The general rule is
 that wherever this standard allows for folding white space (not simply
 WSP characters), a CRLF may be inserted before any WSP.  For example,
 the header field:

           Subject: This is a test

 can be represented as:

           Subject: This
            is a test

* 998 being a sort of absolute maximum understood by a majority of MTAs;
  78 being a recommended maximum line length.


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