[Mailman-Users] Postfix won't listen?

Rickard Andersson rickard at dicom.se
Thu Dec 11 09:36:54 CET 2003

We're pulling our hair out over this one.
Why can't our newly installed Panther Mailman talk to Postfix?
Is this a relaying problem? Postfix is set to listen to localhost/
of course and we can telnet port 25 and dump mail all we want, no problem.
This also shows up in mail.log.

But when we add a new list and user, the outgoing qrunner process grabs 100%
CPU and stays that way indefinitely.
Mail.log logs nothing that indicates mailman talking to it, but the mailman
delivery failure log says "delivery to <foo at bar.com> failed with code
The mailman delivery log says "all recipients refused" and "no address
associated with nodename".

Anyone have tips on where to start looking?
More info, screenshots, error logs, DNS data and loose hair provided on
request  :-)

/Peter Nilsson
/Rickard Andersson

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