[Mailman-Users] ability to view all members in list?

Ricardo Kleemann ricardo at americasnet.com
Fri Dec 12 16:47:50 CET 2003


Thanks for your suggestion.

> You can either change the admin_member_chunksize setting
> for the list so it's larger than the total amount of
> member on your list (which can't be done through the web
> gui, you'd need command line access) or you can check out
> the roster, which, oddly enough, is available on the
> general listinfo page at the bottom.

Is there any reason why the roster doesn't appear in the
admin section? That way there would be no need for a second
authentication step... since to get into admin you have to
authenticate anyway.

Anyone have pointers on how to add this feature to the admin
section (under membership)?


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