[Mailman-Users] re-creating list archive - old List-Archive problem

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Tue Dec 16 11:26:16 CET 2003

16-Dec-03 at 09:40, Gour (gour at mail.inet.hr) wrote :
> The problem is that I used fix_url script to transfer few lists from old
> www.virtualdomain.com virtual domain to the new lists.domain.com, but although
> new messages have correct List-* headers, I cannot change List-Archive header,
> i.e. it still points to old archive www.virtualdomain.com/pipermail/listname
> instead of lists.domain.com/pipermail/listname.
> I have also tried to re-create archives with arch --wipe, but still the same
> problem.
> What am I missing and how it is possible to change List-Archive to the new
> domain or why the list link in "Go to list archives" still points to old
> archives"? 

The archives are stored as full messages including headers; these
headers will not change if you change the parameters because they are
stored as the were before.

You can use the mbox style archive store to change the headers, by using
sed on the mbox and then regenerating archives.

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