[Mailman-Users] avoiding - x at no.mail - addresses from newsgroup

= Michael Aivaliotis = michael at mmwis.com
Sat Dec 20 17:56:52 CET 2003

I've setup a gateway and receive emails from a newsgroup. The gateway was setup via a 3rd party website so I am not using mailman's built-in gateway feature. In any case, some postings from users on the newsgroups have x at no.mail for they're reply-to address. This is fine, however it becomes annoying when someone does a reply-to-all from my list since the emails bounce back as invalid for that user.

Does anybody have any ideas? I was thinking of enabling the stripping of reply-to address and replacing with the list address. However, I still want valid emails to show-up. Is there a way to selectivly replace the x at no.mail with my list address?

Thank You

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