[Mailman-Users] Verify that all users receive an email?

darwin at desktopengineer.com darwin at desktopengineer.com
Mon Dec 22 15:29:57 CET 2003

I am actually not speaking for myself on HTML email - but over 8000 list
users that voluntarily signup to receive it. 

It is a Redhat 2.1AS RPM.  This is RedHat's new Enterprise Series
distribution with extended life errata (5 years) and up2date support for
automatically updating the distribution for security vulnerabiliities.  I
like the idea overall - but it does result in them building custom RPMs that
are back patched.  So I am running 2.0.13, but it may have critical
vunerability patches up to the most recent version.

All that being said, I would hope they would not be into disabling major
features such as logging.


Darwin J Sanoy
Principal Consultant and Trainer

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On Dec 19, 2003, at 1:09 PM, darwin at desktopengineer.com wrote:
> It is a long forgotten idea that people don't... like HTML email

Speak for yourself on that one! ;-) I hate it.

> I do not have a $prefix/log directory.  Is it because I am on 2.0.13 
> of mailman or do I need to enable it somehow?

What OS and how was it installed? It's a standard part of any mailman
installation installed from source, including 2.0.x. Don't know if some rpms
do things differently. It is logs, not log, if that makes any difference,
and should be in the same directory as bin, archives, cron, data, etc.


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