[Mailman-Users] Mailing List Problem

George Theall theall at tifaware.com
Tue Dec 23 20:07:24 CET 2003

On Mon, Dec 22, 2003 at 05:14:40PM -0500, Keith L. Hyman wrote:

> There is an email address on our mailing list that is receiving our
> messages.  They do not wish to be on the list.  The address do not
> appear anywhere within the list.  can you offer any suggestions as to
> how we can stop this address from receiving our messages? 

First, you need to detect how messages are getting to that address. 
More than likely, they're being forwarded automatically.  To figure it
out, ask the receipient if s/he can send you a copy of one of the
messages already sent; make sure it includes *all* the headers. 

If the version of Mailman you're using supports VERP and you've
configured it to use that, tracking down the subscriber is as simple as
looking at the from envelope header (ie, "From ") - it will hold an
encoded version of the subscriber's address.  

Alternatively, look at the Received headers and trace the connection
(the recipient's host(s) will occur at the top, you're interested in the
next host). 

Finally, if you can't get a copy of the headers or they're not helpful,
get in touch with the mail administrator at the recipient's site and ask
for his/her cooperation in tracing the source of the messages. 

theall at tifaware.com
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