[Mailman-Users] Re: addition to TODO list

Roberto Perez rgpg at technologist.com
Sat Dec 27 00:49:27 CET 2003

At 11:54 AM 12/26/03, Jon Carnes wrote:

>Fortunately Roberto, most spammers don't use Mailman.  There is a *lot*
>of other programs out there that allow them to spam from windows boxes
>(as well as Unix).

That's true in most cases, but in our university we are being spammed with 
a news bulletin no one subscribed to, managed by a mailman program. The 
spammer has disabled the web interface, and since we did not subscribe 
ourselves, we don't have the individual passwords to unsubscribe via email. 
In the wrong hands, mailman can unfortunately be a powerful tool ...

>Santa has already answered your "ToDo" request,  The password command
>retrieves passwords via email

I got the "help" file from the mailman-administered list described above 
(version 2.0.11), and there was no "password" command. Are we maybe talking 
about different versions of mailman? Or maybe the "password" command is not 
documented in the help file?

>- though it is unnecessary as the
>unsubscribe command removes folks without need of the password - you
>have to respond to the email as a confirmation.

Actually, in this case that I'm describing, sending an email to 
"list-request" with an "unsubscribe" command does not work. The message is 
rejected with a note saying the right command should be "unsubscribe 
<password>", and no confirmation is sent.

So, if you (or anyone else) know how to either recover our individual 
passwords without a web interface, or unsubscribe in some other way, I'd 
appreciate ideas/suggestions.


Roberto Perez
rgpg at technologist.com

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