[Mailman-Users] better archive support?

Joris joris at linux.be
Mon Dec 29 11:10:09 CET 2003


First of all, I'm not subscribed to this list. Please cc me if you feel 
your message should reach me.

After hunting performance troubles for quite a while, I finally found 
the source: mailman's archival of messages in the mbox format.

I have a list getting ~50 mails/day with an attachement, average size 
300kb. No biggy thus. But after 3 months this amounts to an archive over 
a 1GB.

This results in a qrunner process hogging all system resources for 
minutes at the time.

For now I've disabled archival of the list, but I wonder if there's some 
  better option to archive the mails. Eg, rotated mboxes, or Maildirs?

    joris at linux.be

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