PyCon, Sprints, and IRC (was Re: [Mailman-Users] IRC)

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Sat Feb 1 18:10:13 CET 2003

>>>>> "JL" == Jim LaSalle <jjlasalle at> writes:

    JL> Is there an IRC for users of this mail list? #mailman

But I haven't had much time to hang out there lately. :(

BTW, is anybody planning on coming to PyCon?

If there is enough interest and participation, I'd be willing to chair
a Mailman sprint.  I can think of several topics that might be useful
to sprint on:

- documentation
- bug fix day
- improving the archiver (adding searching, or webmail)
- Mailman 3.0 sprints (member mgt, backing database)
- improve admindb interface

I'm of course open to other suggestions.

Anybody interested and planning on attending?

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