[Mailman-Users] squirrelmail sends mailman message as attachment

Scott R. Every scott at blast.com
Mon Feb 3 19:26:59 CET 2003

done in 5


--On Monday, February 3, 2003 1:38 PM -0500 Keith Mastin 
<kmastin at beechtree.ca> wrote:

>> Keith,
>> Just a quick note.  You didn't specify when or if you stopped
>> 'mailmanctl' and restarted it.  It is safer to stop it, run make
>> install, then start it again.  And this list is full of mentions of
>> certain kinds of changes not taking affect until it is restarted.
>> Just another newbie's guess.
>> Hope it helps.
> Hi John,
> Yes, I did the stop/start thing. The text still shows up as attachments.
> I'm afraid if I can't find a fix I'll have to look at another solution.
> Thanks
>> Keith Mastin wrote:
>>> Thanks for the link. I just applied the patch and ran a test from
>>> galeon  with the same results (text only in attachment). I did not,
>>> however,  uninstall mailman, just ran make install right over top of
>>> the original.  Does this make a difference? (I have zero experience
>>> with patching.)
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