[Mailman-Users] What is python doing?

Gareth Hopkins gareth at uunet.co.za
Thu Feb 6 17:18:50 CET 2003

On 6 Feb 2003, Jon Carnes wrote:

JC>I have no idea what a truss is (besides something you wear when you have
JC>a hernia).
JC>What kind of a system are running on (cpu, ram, amount of virtual memory
JC>currently in use)?  How many messages/minute are you seeing pass through
JC>your system?
JC>Could it be that you are using a great deal of virtual memory (or even a
JC>little on an IDE box)?


	I am running a 4.7-STABLE Freebsd Machine. The truss command is
used to trace system calls. Cpu in a PIII 500. we have 256 megs of ram
and 512 Megs of swap. Disks are not busy at all. With the archive off it
seems to be okay but as soon as archiving is switched on the messages
start to queue up in ~/mailman/qfiles/archives and ~/mailman/qfiles/in.

	On one of the lists it could be up to 30 messages per minute.

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