[Mailman-Users] Mailman stat's

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Fri Feb 7 10:31:00 CET 2003

07-Feb-03 at 02:10, Jon Carnes (jonc at nc.rr.com) wrote :
> Dang it!  I've got another script that does exactly that... I should have
> included it.  I'll dump it on the list when I get done with this job
> (sometime - hopefully - tomorrow).  It's a fairly simple script that I run
> monthly - only it uses the log entries and isolates the entries that
> indicate a user has been moved over to no-mail due to excessive bounces.

I look forward to it. That would solve my problem of re-synching back to
the MSSQL database to eliminate those people who have been
auto-unsubscribed. Cheeeers!

I didn't hear from anyone that my scripts I posted might be useful, so
if they are to anyone, let me know, and I will post back the other half
of the script to synchronise back to the SQL server (although it appears
this may become redundant when SQL plugins for Mailman exist).

Oh... also, I just noticed Barry is a bassist. Cool bass, dude.

I had some mp3 of my band for download once but I lost them... mp3.com
seems to cancel accounts if you don't use them, and now another band
with the same name as my old band has got onto mp3.com instead. Oh well.

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