[Mailman-Users] Normal mails changed to MIME mail

Matthias Juchem lists at konfido.de
Fri Feb 7 22:59:45 CET 2003


I've got a little Mailman problem.

I have one mailserver with Mailman 2.1rc1 (referred to as 'old server') and a 
another mailserver with Mailman 2.1 (the 'new server').
Mailserver program is qmail, in both cases. Mailman/mm_cfg.py is identical 
except for the server names and URLs.

I migrated one list from the old server to the new one, using bin/config_list.

When sending an absolute normal e-mail (simply one word in the subject and 
one word in the body) to both servers, the older one distributes it fine. The 
newer one generates a MIME attachment that includes the body content.

I have compared the configuration options of both lists - nothing.

I absolutely don't know how to fix this. I've searched mailing lists and the 
like, but nothing.

Does anyone have a idea?


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