[Mailman-Users] Normal mails changed to MIME mail

Matthias Juchem lists at konfido.de
Sat Feb 8 00:41:58 CET 2003

On Saturday, 8. February 2003 00:17, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> Matthias Juchem wrote:
> >When sending an absolute normal e-mail (simply one word in the subject and
> >one word in the body) to both servers, the older one distributes it fine.
> > The newer one generates a MIME attachment that includes the body content.
> Sounds like the list is set for one language, but you're sending email
> in another.  If the charset of the list footer doesn't match the charset
> you're sending mail with (look at the Content-Type header) Mailman will
> do the right thing and send them as a MIME document.  There's no way
> around it when sending mail using multiple character sets..

You are right.

So setting a list to e.g. 'German' implies ISO-8859-1? Am I getting this 

I thought that the language setting only affects the language and not the 

This behaviour is not ideal.


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