[Mailman-Users] Two lists: info at domain1.tld and info at domain2.tld

Webmaster ST Frontier Fleet webmaster at frontierfleet.com
Mon Feb 10 11:46:46 CET 2003

> 10-Feb-03 at 11:14, Sven Anders (S.Anders at digitec.de) wrote :
> > I do not want to use ONE list for two domains, but
> > TWO List with the same name before the @.
> >
> > If I create the 1st list (info at domain1.tld), and then create a 2nd
> > (info at domain2.tld), I get an error message that the list allready

Oopss.... I should read first before tying to be of help..... Sorry my

In this case I would indeed go with Simon White's solution.

My apologies,


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