[Mailman-Users] Please HELP ME!!! - Mailmanctl does not work

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Wed Feb 12 15:54:30 CET 2003

At 13:56 12/02/2003, Alberto Marcedone wrote:
>[root at server mailman]# /home/mailman/bin/mailmanctl start
>Lista di sito mancante: mailman
>"mailmanctl start" does not work. All my mailing list are stopped.
>I have not a list called mailman.
>Here is the log:
>Feb 12 15:59:03 2003 mailmanctl(2628): Lista di sito mancante: mailman
>Feb 12 15:59:03 2003 (2628) Site list is missing: mailman
>Any suggestion?

Then create the 'master' mailing list called 'mailman' as instructed in the 
INSTALL document in the release.

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