[Mailman-Users] Converting an enterprise from Majordomo to Mailman.

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Feb 18 01:34:45 CET 2003

You could write a script that returns further instructions on how to
subscribe to each list (and informing folks of the upgrade to Mailman).

  majordomo: | /usr/local/mailman/md-reply.sh

#! /bin/bash
### md-reply.sh - a script to reply to old majordomo requests
TO=`grep "From:" - |head -1 |cut -f2- -d: `
cat /usr/local/mailman/md-reply.txt |mail -s "Mailing List Help" $TO

You could expand the script to actually look for the "subscribe" command
and then attempt to subscribe the user...

BTW: you might want to use a procmail script instead, but this is a good
base for a lot of other mail oriented command sequences that you may
want to play with (in the future).

Have fun - Jon Carnes

On Mon, 2003-02-17 at 01:37, Simon Attwell wrote:
> All,
> A simple question really.
> How do you handle Majordomo admin requests with Mailman.
> i.e. I have 2500 mailing lists and a lot of documentation in print
> That references sending email to majordomo at cqu.edu.au with
> Subscribe <mailing-list-name> in the message body.
> I've browsed the archives for this list, and looked through the
> INSTALL, README files from source but have yet to find the answer.
> 	- Simon
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