[Mailman-Users] Bulk subscribe in digest mode?

Paul Kleeberg paul at fpen.org
Wed Feb 19 18:42:34 CET 2003

I tried doing this with Mailman 2.1.1 and was unsuccessful.  All new 
subscribers entered in to the "Mass Subscription" form in the 
Membership Management Section were added as receiving the regular 
delivery method regardless of whether regular or digest was selected 
in the "Digest Options" section.  The default format of the digest 
(MIME vs Plain) was recorded accurately though even though the digest 
button was not selected.

At 2:55 PM +0000 1/31/03, Simon White wrote:
>31-Jan-03 at 08:25, Ignacio Valdes (ivaldes at hal-pc.org) wrote :
>>  Is there a way to mass subscribe users with digest mode as the default?
>  > Thanks,
>Otherwise, make digest the default, mass subscribe with the web tool,
>then change the default (if necessary) back to normal mode.

Paul Kleeberg
paul at fpen.org

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