[Mailman-Users] Python RH 7.3

Danny Terweij danny at terweij.nl
Thu Feb 20 10:53:36 CET 2003

From: "Mozzi" <linux at mostert.nom.za>

>Hallo all

>I want to upgrade mailman 2.1
>It tells me my pyhon is to old, what is the esiest way to upgrade python ?

Well, leave the old Python. RH needs it.
Just go to www.python.org and download the 2.2 source. (only RH8 rpms there)

Just do ./configure and make install

Then compile Mailman 2.1 (or later) with
./configure --with-python=/usr/local/bin/python --with-mail-gid=12 --with-cg

Thats all. (my system RH 7.2) and i did yesterday upgraded python 2.1.1 to
2.2.2 :)

Danny Terweij

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