[Mailman-Users] Strange behaviour in mailman 2.2.1

Rostyk rostyk at cd.lvivnet.com
Tue Feb 18 11:12:43 CET 2003


        Few days ago downloaded mailman-2.1.1 from sourceforge.
        I tried such a trick on mailman:

        1.created the list called e.x. mylist, with list address
        mylist at lists.myhost.com

        2.from another host sent a message to mylist at lists.myhost.com
        from unexistable user ross at lists.myhost.com. Of course, i
        didn't get the answer, cause it went to that
        "ross at lists.myhost.com", probably causing MAILER-DAEMON return back to
        mylist-bounces at lists.myhost.com and loop:)

        3. now, even if i change my from address to the real one
        (ross at myhost.com) and send a message to
        mylist at lists.myhost.com I don't get an answer at all!!!
        (UNTIL I restart mailman).

        Other lists respond ok though...

        Can you explain such situation?

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