[Mailman-Users] EFF Mailing List Query

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Feb 22 02:58:29 CET 2003


>From the latest EFF mailer...

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* Mailing List Headaches? Contact us.

EFF believes that delivery of legitimate e-mail needs to be carefully
protected as a fundamental part of any solution to the spam problem.
Unfortunately, we've lately learned that more and more opt-in mailing
lists are being mislabeled as spam and wrongly blocked.  EFF is
looking for people who administer opt-in e-mail mailing lists and have
had difficulty because their messages have been mislabeled as spam,
causing delivery to fail.  Our hope is to connect the folks facing
this problem so that they can work together to find a global solution
that both respects the Internet as a place of free speech (and e-mail
as a vital organizing tool) while protecting Internet users and
sysadmins from the problems that *real* spam causes.  Contact
mailinglistsheadaches at eff.org.

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