[Mailman-Users] Umbrella lists: problems when unsubscribing

Rostyk Ivantsiv rostyk at cd.lvivnet.com
Tue Feb 25 21:19:06 CET 2003

      Need some help with umbrella lists (I think it was discussed
      earlier in the list but it is not covered in the umbrella faq):

      For example I have an umbrella list U, which has members - the
      email addresses of other lists - A, B, C. I configured A, B, C
      to receive mail from U without moderation (privacy options), so
      everything works ok. Now consider some userA, who is a member of
      A sublist, wants to unsubscribe, so he sends mail with
      subj="unsubscribe" to U-request at mylistserver.com and gets a
      response that he is not a member of U!!!

      This problem can be solved by providing the necessary email
      addresses in the footers of every sublist:

      <footer of A>
      Unsubscribe address: A-request at mylistserver.com
      <footer of U>

      but it is inconvenient when there are many sublists (>10), and
      besides it's better for userA to assume he is a member of U.

      So any suggestions?

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