[Mailman-Users] qmail install help

Ronald Petty ron.petty at unigeek.com
Thu Feb 27 18:36:42 CET 2003

First post here :), I have looked over the archives (finally found them)
and do not see much help getting mail man to work with qmail.  I have
read INSTALL and README.QMAIL however they are for people who know what
they are doing.

I have installed Qmail and it is working fine.  I installed it using
Life with Qmail.  It seems how you set things up there are a little
different compared to what README.QMAIL does with alias.

I follow most of the install but things like setting the gid dont make
since, they are incomplete sentences and if you dont REALLY know qmail
its hard to follow.

I also looked for a Qmail/Mailman tutorial and can't find anything, just
patches and complaints.

If someone has a link can you send it too me.
Thanks alot.
Ron P.

Ronald Petty <ron.petty at unigeek.com>

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