[Mailman-Users] Ending a list..

Steve Huston huston at astro.princeton.edu
Fri Feb 28 18:48:04 CET 2003

On Friday, Feb 28, 2003, at 11:48 US/Eastern, Todd wrote:
> Jon Carnes wrote:
>> That would work.  I would also delete the aliases and with the 
>> web-admin
>> mark the list as private.
> Wouldn't doing so prevent access to the archives?  I read Carl's 
> message to
> mean that he wanted the list archives to remain accessible.  If the 
> archives
> are public, this is really simple with rmlist.  If they're private, I'm
> curious how that'll work, as I can't recall ever having done it.

But, what happens if at some other time you do a bin/arch --wipe 
<listname>?  Are the .mbox files kept around to rebuild the web 
archives from, or would they also go with a rmlist?  If they're wiped, 
then the first suggestion (remove all users, require authorization to 
join list), plus removing the aliases, would probably be best.

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