[Mailman-Users] sync_members now works great

NOW Website Coordinator webperson at now.org
Fri Jan 3 22:15:53 CET 2003

At 10:58 PM 01/02/2003 -0500, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> >>>>> "NWC" == NOW Website Coordinator <webperson at now.org> writes:
>     NWC> I upgraded to the very latest release of 2.1 and I still
>     NWC> can't get sync_members to work.
>Dumb bugs on my part.  Here's a patch.

Thanks for the patch!  All is well (at least after I dug in to the Unix 
"tr" command and got rid of those commas in the weird list I'd been given 
-- it's sometimes used just to put addresses in the BCC field, so it's a 
list with a comma after every address, and of course one address has two 
addresses on a line).

Thanks for everything, including 2.1.

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