[Mailman-Users] MM 2.1 updates 'aliases' but not 'virtual-mailman'?

Brett Delmage Brett at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca
Mon Jan 6 09:13:21 CET 2003

Somehow, with MM 2.1 (Dec 31) I had it the virtual-mailman file, which now
has one set of list entries in it. Mailman also generated the .db file, as
I recall. (I may have done this myself)

However, since then I have been unble to get MM to add new lists to the
virtual-mailman file. I have tried both a command line bin/newlist and the
http:../create form. Both methods created new lists and added correct
entries in the aliases file but neither method updated the virtual-mailman

All source and db files are owned by mailman/mailman with r+w access.

Any ideas what I might have done wrong..? I have been messing with the
postfix main.cf files and may have changed something relevent there.

Thanks for your ideas, own observations, and confirmations.


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