[Mailman-Users] Coerce Plain Text with Mailman 2.1

Webmaster ST Frontier Fleet webmaster at frontierfleet.com
Tue Jan 7 12:00:25 CET 2003

Hi everyone,

We've been running Mailman 2.0.x with the coerce plain text patch
previously and this worked great. All mail sent by AOL users or M$ Word
users got nicely converted to plain text. Additional viruses that might
be send to the mailinglists also got rendered inactive because all MIME
got stripped from the message as a matter of fact. So attachments were
also impossible.
We choose to do this plain text coercing for multiple reasons.

But okay, here is my problem: I've now started with giving Mailman 2.1 a
try on my testing machine. I've used the unofficial undo-coerce patch to
get Mailman to update the old lists and so far so good. Mailman 2.1
seems to run as it should.

But then we get to the point of trying to see if the HTML to Plain Text
conversion has been set properly. As I've understood Mailman 2.1 should
be able to do this plain text coercing itself without an additional

Using Outlook Express 6, I create a standard HTML message (using one of
OE's default templates) and the first tries resulted in the message
disappearing into nowhere. So next I removed all content filter
settings, so it now says:
- Should Mailman filter the content of list traffic according to the
settings below? [ Yes ]
- Remove message attachments that have a matching content type. [
Empty ]
- Remove message attachments that don't have a matching content type.
Leave this field blank to skip this filter test. [ Empty ]
- Should Mailman convert text/html parts to plain text? [ Yes ]
- Action to take when a message matches the content filtering rules. [
Forward to List Owner ]

Using this settings it indeed converts the email from HTML to plain
text.... however, the plain text body is attached as an attachment
instead of being in the body of the email. The only thing in the email's
body is the message footer.

So, my question is if anyone here might happen to know how I can get
Mailman 2.1 act similar to Mailman 2.0.x with the coerce plain text
patch active. Or at the very least, how to get Mailman 2.1 to put the
body of an email in the body and not add it as an attachment?

Kind regards,

-- Webmaster ST Frontier Fleet

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