[Mailman-Users] RedHat 7.3, Python 1.5 and Mailman 2.1

Ed Greenberg edg at greenberg.org
Wed Jan 8 18:09:53 CET 2003

Mailman 2.1 requires Python 2, and RedHat 7.3 has only 1.5. There is a 
Python2 package on my RedHat 7.3 installation, so how can I make Mailman 
use it?

Documentation states that I can use --with-python to control the actual 
mailman operation, but that the command line scripts will always use the 
first python on the path. Both python and python2  live in /usr/bin.

Has anybody been down this path, and how did you get the command line 
scripts to use python2?

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