[Mailman-Users] after 2.0.13->2.1 upgrade, files needed?

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at colby.edu
Wed Jan 8 19:31:32 CET 2003

   I've noticed that the following files in my web mailman space,
eg /web/data/mailman/lists/[listname], that the following files
no longer seem to be in use: config.db*, *.html.

I've noticed that mailing lists that I've created after the upgrade
only contain config.pck, config.pck.last, and request.db.  Can I
assume that the config.db and html files are left over from 2.0.x
and can now be deleted?

Jeff A. Earickson, Ph.D
Senior UNIX Sysadmin and Email Guru
Information Technology Services
Colby College, 4214 Mayflower Hill,
Waterville ME, 04901-8842
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