[Mailman-Users] running Mailman2.1 from cron

Neulinger, Nathan nneul at umr.edu
Thu Jan 23 23:11:40 CET 2003

Didn't know this was possible. I've got a situation where I'm running a
number of separate instances of mailman on a machine to do virtual
hosting, as the unique listname requirement is a problem in most cases. 

This sort of one-off would be a simple way of reducing the need to have
so many jobs running simultaneously. Just loop through all vhosts and
all queues repeatedly. 

Would be nice to see this more "supported" for that reason. 

-- Nathan

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> >>>>> "MB" == Matt Brown <mattbrown.lists at lamphost.net> writes:
>     MB> Is it possible to run Mailman 2.1 from cron, a la v 2.0.13?
> Kind of.  bin/qrunner -o runs through a queue directory once instead
> of in a loop.  So you could potentially add crontab entries that fire
> off qrunner -o for each queue directory under qfiles.
> It's not a supported mode of operation :).
> -Barry
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