[Mailman-Users] Which functions???

Mark Rauterkus Mark at Rauterkus.com
Thu Jan 30 01:16:04 CET 2003


How do you NUKE an address from ALL the lists on your server?

Is there an Unsubscribe "ALL" trick?

And, rather than looking at a dozen lists -- for one address -- is there a
way to find out (as a SYSTEM ADMIN with Root) what lists an address is
subscribed to???

- -
Presently I'm going list-by-list snooping via the web interface. There has
to be a better way.

Presently, many of our church subscribers are not yet used to opting in and
out of lists on their own. So, I get a message -- please unsubscribe me
(email) from all the lists -- etc. I have little clue as to what list they
might be on now.



Mark Rauterkus
mark at Rauterkus.com

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