[Mailman-Users] Permissions weirdness?

Ian Beyer manuka at nerdherd.net
Tue Jul 8 02:56:13 CEST 2003

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Brad Knowles wrote:

| At 12:27 AM -0500 2003/07/07, Ian Beyer wrote:
|>  Now, if I setuid root the postfix stuff, everything is peachy, but this
|>  isn't something I'm particularly keen on doing, for obvious reasons.
|>  I compiled mailman with --with-mail-gid set to the postfix gid, but the
|>  master postfix process runs as root.
|>  Can someone tell me what I screwed up here? Do I need to rebuild with
|>  - --with-mail-gid set to 0? that doesn't sound like something I want
|> to do.
|     One of the things we've found with mailman is that it needs to run
| as the "mail" group for your MTA (whatever that is), and it also needs
| to run as the "web" group for your web server.  If they don't run as the
| same group, you've got a problem.  If you've got one or the other
| chroot'ed, this makes things even more "interesting".

Hrmm... I'm not quite sure why I (or anyone) would be running both mail
and web servers as the same group, unless it was root.

I thought alleviating that was the whole point of the --with-mail-gid
and --with-cgi-gid flags at configure time.

- -Ian

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