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Peter Russell prussell at mteliza.com.au
Wed Jul 9 03:59:54 CEST 2003

Thanks - but maybe i wasnt clear - I meant i wanted to create the SEARCH
feature - i can create the archives easy enough, but i wanted the same
search funciton used by list.org - i tried using the lates version 2.1.2
and compiled it on mandrake, but it doesnt have that feaute 'out of the


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At 3:25 PM +1000 2003/07/08, Peter Russell wrote:

>  Hi there, i want to add the searchable archives interface that the7y
>  at www.list.org. I have found in the FAQ some links to various patches
>  - but to be honest there are so many i havent a clue as to which one i
>  need, or whihc need to be applied first before installing the searchable
>  patch.

             If you install mailman 2.1.2 (as downloaded from the list.org
pages), then this will happen automatically when you create the list.
You just need to tell the system when you create the list that you
want an archive to also be created.  Or, you can go back and add an
archive to an existing mailman list.

>  Does anyone know of a tutorial or easy 1, 2, 3 guide to getting this
>  working on default Red Hat 9/Mailman machines? I dont ev en know what
>  version of mailman it is, it says 2.1 on the admin webpage, but no other
>  details.

             Ahh, that's the hard part.  I understand that Red Hat screwed
the RPM.  I'd suggest that Red Hat, or mailing lists related to Red
Hat support, are your best bet for help in this situation.

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