[Mailman-Users] Digest Question...

Customer & Technical Support support at pczero.net
Sat Jul 12 00:23:16 CEST 2003

Hello all...
	I finally got lucky enough to get MM 2.1.2 installed on my server.  I like 
it a LOT better than the 2.0.13 version.  It has all of the features I 
wanted added in.  However it does one thing I don't like at all...  In the 
digest version of the list I get a link after a lot of messages similar to 
this one.

An HTML attachment was scrubbed...

	I searched the archive and saw one thread about this.  The 'fix' was to 
turn of the plain (vs MIME) for digest.  That (IMHO) is not a fix but a 
work around.  I want to keep plain format and not add the two lines listed 
above.  basically I want to just delete/trash/nuke any MIME on the posts to 
the list.   Can someone please advise what I need to edit (in ToDigest.py 
if I am not mistaken) to get rid of this?


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