[Mailman-Users] Footer message in html email

Jason Buscema jpbuse at lambesis.com
Wed Jul 16 00:08:33 CEST 2003

Ha... I'm in the same boat really... I discouraged the client from sending
HTML emails, but they insisted. The email recipients actually prefer the
HTML vs plain text now, to my surprise. We use Mailman to send the daily
emails, but we do not use Mailman for list management (at least for this
list). The management is handled through the web site itself (skyy.com)
using MySql. A user creates an account, then from there they can subscribe
to a list. We want the daily messages to have a link with a unique ID in it
for a quick unsubscribe. I had the method all worked out, then we went w/
HTML emails :(

> don't send HTML :-)
> Seriously, though, I asked the same thing, and Barry basically vetoed it.
> if you find a way (even with a local patch), I'm all eyes.
> I have a $CLIENT that would love it.

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