[Mailman-Users] Enhanced 'who' command

John DeCarlo jdecarlo at mitre.org
Mon Jul 21 19:30:33 CEST 2003


There has been discussion about the email command "who" recently. 
Because most of my list moderators prefer the email approach over the 
web approach, I modified the "who" commmand to return in this format:

<email address> (<Full Name>) Status: <email status>

You can see commented out lines where I tried things that didn't work. 
I wanted to separate the members out by email status, displaying the 
Normal members first, etc.  But I didn't finish figuring out how to do that.

Anyway, this may be helpful to people who use the email command to 
review membership.

And if anyone wants to figure out how to display first the Normal 
members, then the rest, that would be great.

Just remember to save a copy before upgrading Mailman.


John DeCarlo, My Views Are My Own

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