[Mailman-Users] More madness

Mark Haney mhaney at polk.k12.nc.us
Tue Jul 22 17:39:43 CEST 2003

I caved.  Jason Buscema gave me the answer to the problem with the RPM
version of mailman.  I re-installed it and added the 2 lines to make
mailman know what user/group to use.  Everything is peachy keen.  

I have 2 problems.  First, in the auto-respond message I get when
subscribing as a new user, the confirmation URL is still pointing to
http://porky.redhat....., etc.  In the email itself, the reply-to
address is correct.  What's the fix to that?  I have the
DEFAULT_URL_HOST setup in mm_cfg.py.

Second, I receive the subscription emails and confirmation emails
correctly.  But when I post a new message to the list, I don't get the
actual posted message sent back to me.  It's obvious mailman/sendmail is
setup (mostly) correctly, but where's the new message going?  Remember,
I'm a newbie to mailman, so be gentle.  Thanks.

Jesus is coming - look busy!

Mark Haney
Polk County Schools IT Staff/Technical Guru

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