[Mailman-Users] Strangenesses with URLs in the admin/listinfo pages

Don Levey don_Mailman at the-leveys.us
Wed Jul 23 03:13:36 CEST 2003

First, please let me apologise if this topic has been covered here before;
I've just discovered this resource.  I'm an amateur list/sysadmin; I've got
a home web/mail server, but I'm not a pro nor do I have a pro's knowledge.
I think I've got my system set up properly (Mailman 2.1.2), but there's one
lingering problem.

My web server is running on a non-standard port.  Thus, any URL I use
appends the port number to the host name (http://www.domain.tld:7080).  By
playing with the URL parameters in the mm_cfg.py file (copied from the
Defaults.py file), I've managed to get *most* of the links on the admin and
info (etc) pages to display properly.  However, the link to the Archives
will NOT append that info.  Here's what I've got (not the real values):

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'domain.tld'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'www.domain.tld'
DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s:7080/mailman/'
MAILMAN_URL = 'http://www.domain.tld:7080/'

The link for the archives consistently shows as:

if I edit the DEFAULT_URL_HOST value to include the port number, the Archive
link shows properly - as do most of the other links.  However, the "show all
lists on this server" link then truncates the port number.  If I put the
port number on BOTH parameters, then it's doubled for everything except the
archives and "show all lists." I do run the fix_url script each time.

Has anyone run into this before and/or does anyone have any suggestions?

BTW, from what I saw when trying to run with 2.1, these two links have been
problematic.  Before I upgraded and recreated the list, these two links
would default to the server 'porky.devel.redhat.com' (yes, I'm running RH9)
and nothing I could do would change that.  Searching via Google, I found no
real info on how to change it, but quite a few sites out there having the
same problem.  Is this a bug, a consistency problem, or something obvious
that I'm missing?

 -Don Levey

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