[Mailman-Users] problem with first list setup

Bob Bowen bob at crc.uri.edu
Sat Jul 26 20:38:43 CEST 2003

a rookie problem no doubt but here is what happened. i setup a test list,
called the list bob using the 'newlist' script and it asked for the email
of the person running the list I, of course, put in bob.  so i received an
email, to bob, congradulating me on the successful setup of the list bob
and I realized the apparent problem.  i went back and used 'rmlist' to
remove the list bob, that worked. I then tried to setup a test list called
boblist with the email of the person running the list as bob, which is
what I should have done in the beginning and received a message from the
'newlist' script that says "Bad owner email address: bob"

I've deleted the list files from /var/mailman/lists , both public and
private.  Still having this problem.  Can someone suggest what I am
missing in clearing this up?


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