[Mailman-Users] Another question.. hopefully more interesting :)

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Sun Jul 27 00:34:03 CEST 2003

Richard Barrett said:
> Must have missed that the first time around or at least failed to grasp
> why it was of concern. If I am honest fail to see why you have a
> problem with all the virtual hosts using the same scheme but what the
> heck, its your system.

Easy--because SSL isn't very friendly for virtual domains unless you
specify a separate IP address for *every* domain. (Remember--SSL works on
the *IP* level, not on the HTTP server level--so right now having the
other domains reply to https: means they're using my (Wingfoot's)
certificate, which causes all kinds of screaming by browsers, and just
Looks Ugly(tm).) For any of us who've ever been hosted at places like
phpwebhosting.com, you know exactly what I'm talking about.. :)

So, since IPs cost $, plus the time and hassle to have to go through a
network renumber... I'm all about avoiding that. :)

> It would appear not. There is only one DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN and one
> PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL per mm_cfg.py file. The value of those variables
> define the scheme to be used in URL's generated by the MM software that
> accesses that file. I think it is safe to assume that all the virtual
> hosts being supported by that MM installation will those values and
> hence use the same scheme.

*nod* Ok...

> I would think that running ./configure with two different values of
> --with-prefix, followed by make install for each, would be the simplest
> approach and work just fine. I am sure you can work out the additional
> entries in your httpd.conf for the 'https server' and the 'http server'
> to coexist. And you have the to ensure that mail aliases supported by
> the two MM installs do not collide as far as your MTA is concerned.

Ok fair enough.. I'll give this a shot... I'll let you know how it turns

Thanks, Richard!
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