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Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Sun Jul 27 00:56:51 CEST 2003

On Saturday, July 26, 2003, at 07:26 PM, Harmon Seaver wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 25, 2003 at 03:39:20PM -0400, John DeCarlo wrote:
>> Harmon,
>> I agree this is a bit confusing for most people, including me.   
>> Mailman
>> seems to generate the HTML pages so it can add specific information
>> about your installation.
>    When does it do that? I've done the install, ran the bin/newlist  
> mailman,
> started qrunner, but there is no http://my.domain/mailman/

Have you followed _all_ the instructions in the INSTALL file in the  
Mailman build directory?

In particular have you put the necessary Alias and ScriptAlias and  
related directives in your httpd.conf file, per the installation  

If not then URLs commencing http://my.domain/mailman/ (such as  
http://my.domain/mailman/admin and http://my.domain/mailman/listinfo)  
will not be available as the web server will not know how to launch the  
Mailman CGI programs concerned that dynamically generate these web  

The Mailman web admin GUI and listinfo functions are all delivered by  
CGI programs that form part of the Mailman installation. These pages  
are generated dynamically as they present relatively volatile data; for  
instance it changes, when you create a new list or a new user  
subscribes or the list admin changes a configuration option or a  
message is held for moderation. Trying to maintain a set of static HTML  
pages to represent this and allow maintenance of the static pages   
through web forms makes little sense. Instead Mailman CGI scripts  
generate pages/web forms dynamically from MM's database contents.

The only static MM web pages are the HTML list archive pages and even  
those are delivered by an MM CGI program in the case of private list  

Which version of MM are you running? MM 2.1.2 one hopes but your  
reference to the qrunner hints at an earlier version. If this is a new  
installation you would be advised to use the latest stable release:  

>> If you want to look at some of the HTML templates Mailman uses, look  
>> in
>> the templates/en (or any language you plan to use) at the HTML files.
>> Harmon Seaver wrote:
>>>  I'm just doing the initial install, almost finished, but so far I
>>>  haven't been
>>> able to determine where the mailman page comes from -- is there a  
>>> sample
>>> html
>>> page included in the install package or does that page have to be  
>>> created
>>> from
>>> scratch?
>>>   I've read a whole lot of documentation but I must be missing  
>>> something
>>>   here.
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