[Mailman-Users] Sendmail Aliases Setup

Craig Askings craig at askings.com.au
Wed Jul 30 04:04:31 CEST 2003

hmm I seen to have lost my notes on this, but look for something called 
mm-handler. I think it is in the contrib section of the mailman tarball. 
That is what I use for my sendmail aliases.


Wendall Cada wrote:

>Ok, I figured out the parameters. Is there a utility that will configure my 
>aliases file for my users when setting up lists? If not, I'll surely have to 
>use another list manager...it pretty much makes it so i have to babysit my 
>site users and i'd rather not do that. I was told that this is a very mature 
>product by many others, if so, are there third party script resources 
>available for this type of functionality? Should I put in an RFE for 
>this?...I can't really believe that everyone is doing this manually for every 
>list on their server.

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