[Mailman-Users] HTML-Tags ins listaddress :-(

Christian Schoepplein mail at schoeppi.net
Wed Jul 30 22:50:34 CEST 2003


If HTML-tags were used in a description for a MM-list, in some cases this 
tags apear in the listaddress. Example:

I have a local list called lh2 at test.dom. In the webinterface I added the 
following for the listdescription:


If I write a mail to the list everything with the addresses in the header 
is fine...., only the Reply-to-entry looks strange:

   Reply-To: "<b><center>beschreibung</center></b>" <lh2 at test.dom>

If I reply to this message, my mailer (mutt) uses this entry in his 
to-field :-(.

I'm using MM 2.1.2 and the reply-to for the list is set to the
listaddress. MTA is postfix and my MUA is mutt..., but I think its nor a 
MUA or MTA butt a MM related problem :-(.

I cant prevent the listadmins on my site to use this HTML-tags, they think 
it looks nicer on the listinfopages..., but also they don't want this 
HTML-stuff in the messages to their lists...

Is there a possibility to filter out this HTML-tags?

Thanks and the best regards,

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