[Mailman-Users] V2.1 breaks virtual hosting?

Dave Lane dlane at ap.stmarys.ca
Mon Jun 2 20:44:26 CEST 2003

(Sorry if this is an FAQ, but without a search function in the archives,
its hopeless to find anything except by hit and miss.)

I've been running V2.0 of mailman for a while now very sucessfully with a
few lists on the same address as the server machine and many lists on
three different virtual domains. All works well.

I tried to upgrade to V2.1 back in February, but it was such a disaster
that I had to fall back to V2.0 (which I had tarballed before starting the

Today I thought I would try again -- this time by doing a separate
installation: different mailman username and directory, different web site
address, etc. I then started to move the lists over one-by-one, but the
first list didn't work. 

What I've determined is:

Lists native to the machine seem to work fine. A virtual list
receives mail on the virtual domain address and sends out mail from
the native address fine. 

As soon as I change the "Host name this list prefers for email
setting" to the virtual address, the list becomes a black hole. Send mail
to it and nothing happens (no list mail nor any bounce messages).

Does anyone have any idea what is happening?

... Dave

ps.	the O/S is Solaris 7
	MTA is sendmail 8.12.9

the mm_cfg.py is (with domain names edited):

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'native.stmarys.ca' 
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'native.stmarys.ca' 
DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/mm21/'
add_virtualhost(DEFAULT_URL_HOST, 'lists.domain1.ca')
add_virtualhost(DEFAULT_URL_HOST, 'lists.domain2.ca')

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