[Mailman-Users] Wishlist and maybe problem solution

Gerfried Fuchs mailman at chevron9.sil.at
Tue Jun 3 17:25:22 CEST 2003


 Mailman is great, mailman is good, all hail mailman :)

 I have to administer a mailing list for which a special requirement was

 It will be a moderated list where only special people might be able to
send mails through.  All these mails should have the same From: header,
so I thought using the »anonymous_list« might be a good idea -- but I
don't see any chance to specify what mailman will put in there. It
simply always puts listname at hostname.domain in there, which is someone
we would like to change.  Is there a posibility to make this
configureable in future versions?  I guess this could be quite helpful
for others, too.

 Along the same lines, might it be possible to have an option to rewrite
the To: header, too?  It should become a more or less "hidden" setup
here, so that could be of help.

 There is one thing that I like to question: The envelope-sender is set
to the -bounce address. From my understanding it must be sufficient to
set the Return-Path header to the -bounce address for it to work
correctly.  The reason why I question this is that there are some mail
servers/clients (especially lotus notes) that display something like
|From: [listname-bounce at hostname.domain] on behalf of [real.sender at domain]
(or something along these lines, I was just told about the german string
that is in between). This doesn't look quite nice and is afaik not
needed, for the only header used for bounce messages must be return-path

 If these things aren't that easy to change (I would be pleased if
someone can send me a patch over, for I'm not that well in python (or
rather baaad)), can someone tell me if there is a way to tweak sendmail
to change this? I guess I shouldn't be the first to be faced with this
problem, so some might already have found a solution for this in
sendmail on their own.

 Otherwise I'd have to use a private mailing-skript in the meantime that
allows me to set the headers on my own, and set just the return-path to
the -bounce address to get into the benefit of the bounce control
mailman does. It's just these special requirements in this case...

 Btw., I do love mailman, did I mention that already?

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