[Mailman-Users] HTDIG patches reprieved (was HTDIG patches! Arghh!)

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Tue Jun 3 17:44:15 CEST 2003

At 15:41 03/06/2003, Steve Huston wrote:
>On Monday, Jun 2, 2003, at 19:57 US/Eastern, Mark Dadgar wrote:
>>Richard Barrett at r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk wrote:
>>>I am kicking. I have been publishing and maintaining patches to integrate
>>>htdig search with MM since MM 2.0.6 and none of the MM support lists use
>>>the facility. When I asked thru this list how many people used the patches
>>>I got 3 replies; so obviously not many sites need searchable Mailman 
>>>All users please note that MM 2.1.3 is the last version of MM for which I
>>>shall be publishing revisions of the #444884 patch. I will make one last
>>>effort to publish a generic version of the htdig integration patch which
>>>provides a framework for integrating other search engiones. Then I give up.
>>>Life is too short to continue pushing this particular rope uphill.
>>Aieeee!  No!  Say it isn't so!
>>These patches are critical for me.  Sigh.
>They are for me too; while we don't have a lot of lists, one of the major 
>points that was brought up by the users here is that the software has to 
>have searchable archives, and these patches were one of the reasons I 
>chose Mailman over any other package (very little work to get a full 
>install with the htdig interaction running).  Had I seen a mail asking 
>about how many people use the patches I would've certainly raised a hand.
>>I've said it before (recently) and I'll say it again - these patches should
>>be integrated into the main Mailman tree.  They are That Good.
>I'll second (or by now third or fourth) this motion as well.  I'm not sure 
>of the reason why they're not included, but considering your excellent 
>work in keeping up with the patches I haven't seen it as a problem.  If 
>you're moving away from them, this will be a problem (unless I don't find 
>any need to upgrade the system until someone else picks up the torch).
>>Thank you, Richard, for maintaining them as long as you have.
>>Now, is there any way we can talk you into continuing?  :)
>...if you can keep your sanity in the process.  I know what it's like when 
>you just want to get away from something you wrote before (google for 
>"megahal eggdrop"... I still can't escape that one, and haven't even been 
>on IRC in over 4 years :P)  I can understand if you want to walk away from 
>the patches because you're just tired of maintaining them, just know that 
>there are a lot of people who love them and use them, so don't throw in 
>the towel because you think they're not appreciated.

Thanks for the kind words guys.

I've recovered from the fit of intense irritation that led to my post.

I'll keep maintaining the htdig integration patch through to the next major 
MM (3.0??) release and then review. Hopefully, by then, either my patch 
will be in a fit state for incorporation into the main MM source (further 
work will follow to achieve that end) or the MM developers will have added 
a viable alternative into the main MM source.

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