[Mailman-Users] footers

Ben Gertzfield che at debian.org
Mon Jun 9 19:05:02 CEST 2003

CodyG wrote:

>You're right!  It is something in the mail client that isn't showing the
>footers! Cause for sure they are there in the message source. (I should have
>So, what is the use of footers if someone using OE defaults doesn't see
>them? But how could it be a mailer issue, when the footers are showing up
>just fine on my mail from Mailman-Users?

The main problem is that the character set of the header and footer 
might not match the character set of the body.

In this case, Mailman 2.1 will use MIME parts (flagged as 'inline' to 
tell the mail reader to display them along with the body) to indicate 
the correct character set of the header/footer; you CANNOT otherwise mix 
different character sets in a single mail body.

I'm guessing these messages have a Content-Type header like "test/plain; 
charset=utf-8" or something else that does not match the list's 
configured language.

There's really no good way that we've figured out to force Outlook 
Express to stop being buggy and display inline MIME parts as, well, inline.

If you can figure out a workaround (try constructing messages yourself 
by hand and emailing them to Outlook Express) please let us know!


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