[Mailman-Users] Mass subscribe with sync_members...

Gustavo Gouvea gustavo at scire.coppe.ufrj.br
Wed Jun 11 17:39:18 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I´ve just implemented Mailman 2.0.13 in my company and
I got some problems:

I have a file with 3000 email addr, that is sent through ftp
every day to my mail server.
Then I used "sync_members -f file-name listname" to keep
the list sycronized with that file.
I cannot guarantee that all mail addr on the list is valid,
and I cannot filter that. If one addr is invalid the script
aborts. This is my first problem.

Question-1: Can I make Mailman just read the file with email addrs
just like sendmail "aliases :include:" files, without using

Question-2: If using "sync_members" can I disable "ValidateMail"?
Will Mailman crash with invalid addr like 
"user at domain.com; user2 at other.com"  (2 addresses in one line, like some
address in my file)
if I disable that check?
I am not a "full" programmer, so I dont want to mess with the source
But disabling the ValidateMail seems easy...
Any easy solution?

Question-3: My 3000 mail list is uploaded only when its changed, so I
know when it will be uploaded. I realized I´ll have to run
every 5 or 1 minute in crontab to guarantee my list is in sync.
Is there any way I can tell Mailman to run "sync_members -f filename
every time a message arrives for the list? I just like to know yes or

Thanks a lot!
I will apreciate any comments.

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